Dryer balls are medium-sized rubber balls, usually with spikes all over them that are designed to aid the circulation of hot air all over clothes during the drying process. They come in different forms, colors, and designs depending on the brands and manufacturers. These balls make sure that your pants, towels, clothes and other laundry loads dry by increasing the efficiency of air circulation.

The concept was inspired by tennis balls – we are made to understand that tennis balls help circulate air which keeps the clothes from clinging to one another with hot air. Scientifically, this procedure has proven to help reduce friction by preventing or reducing the exchange of electrons which causes clothes to cling. The towels and clothes will have their initial softness without the use of any chemical products that can damage the fabrics.

While this may not seem valid for many people, there have been positive results about the usefulness of this ball. In this article, we’ll analyze the best dryer balls that are available on the market today.

  1. Friendsheep Stars Galore

The print on the Friendsheep Stars Galore makes it user-friendly and adorable. It prevents laundry from tangling and can reduce drying time by 40% Waoh!

  1. Black Duck Brand Four-Pack

The Black Duck Brand Four-Pack is more bright and appraising with its spiky design. It is constructed from nontoxic material making it harmless on clothes and the users. Though it comes in four packs, they are affordable and effective enough that you only need two balls per laundry load. The Black Duck Brand Four-Pack is designed to circulate more air flow during a drying cycle, so you are sure of your clothes drying faster than usual.

  1. PureAction PAW-60

Made from black sheep’s wool, the PureAction PAW-60 is one of the toughest and most effective dryer balls. They are entirely biodegradable and will make your pretty black shirt/dress soft and dried almost immediately after wash.

  1. Feeling Fluffy New Zealand

As the name implies, Feeling Fluffy New Zealand is a cute, soft, and extra large dryer ball. Their large size helps to cover more surface area to interact with the clothes and make them extra soft (fluffy). The set comes in white and gray balls to handle lighter and darker clothes respectively. 


  • It will reduce the amount of time it takes for your clothes to dry.
  • Your fabrics will be less wrinkled after the wash.
  • No longer will threads and other stuck items come out of your clothes.
  • They can soften virtually all kinds of fabrics.
  • Since they are made with non-toxic chemicals, they are safe to use.
  • Very affordable.


Be careful when using spiky dryer balls with clothes that are made out of soft fabrics. This is because the motion of the balls may leave a punch in your fabric if not properly done. But in general, the dryer balls are completely safe to use. They are made with non-toxic chemicals and are very affordable! 

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